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Harts' Haven Company

Home is Where the Hart Is

Welcome to Harts' Haven Company! We are proud members of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and if you don't know what that means, we highly encourage you to check it out! Best summarized, from the SCA's home site:

"The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an inclusive community pursuing research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, combat and culture. The lives of participants are enriched as we gain knowledge of history through activities, demonstrations, and events."

Harts' Haven Co is an artisan household under the stewardship of Mistress Ambra Michelli, OL (Laurel), SCA, and is a subsidiary of our greater house - Mooselodge. Think of households like service fraternities - all different and proud but with a similar mission. For us, it is service, the pursuit of knowledge, artistic expression, and the sharing of all we learn in our eclectic studies. This includes YouTube tutorials, written articles, online portfolios of projects past, and so much more!

Meet Harts Haven & Company
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Mistress Ambra Michelli, OL, OP
MKA Samantha Moore

Residing in Trimaris. Mooselodge.Squired to Sir Cerric Eld Vegandi


To visit Harts Haven Music, click here!

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Visit YouTube for CD/Collections:

Samantha Moore>>
Songs from the White Hart>>
Iron Hart>>

An artisan in the SCA since 1995, check out Ambra's articles, how-to's, and view art/craft portfolios on costuming, armoring, SCA event marketing, poetry and songwriting...
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Ambra/Samantha Moore's YouTube>>

"The Journey's just begun..."

Proud to have served in Atlantia (NC, MD), The Far West (Okinawa), and Trimaris (FL). 


Duchess Cerric Eld Vegandi, OC
MKA Cherish Erin, Prima Apprendista

Residing in Trimaris. Mooselodge.Apprenticed to Mistress Ambra Michelli


An artisan in the SCA since 2006, and an avid craftsman, check out Cerric's ever expanding portfolio, class breakdowns, and how-to articles. Her works include embroidery, stained glass, illumination, repousse, forged metal, perfume...
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Cherish/Cerric's YouTube>>

From Bryce de Byram's "The Lodge" song:

A Valkyrie of Odin's hall

A shieldmaid stands and will not fall

Thus Cerric answer's Chiv'ry's call

With passion for the Lodge!

"Loyalty, honor, duty."

Proud to have served in Drachenwald (Iraq) and Trimaris (FL).


Baroness Birna Isleifsdottir, OL
MKA Gypsey Teague

Residing in Trimaris and a proud member of Mooselodge.

Birna has studied the Arts and Sciences in many regions throughout her tenure in the Society for Creative Anachronisms and abroad.


In her mundane life, Gypsey Teague is a published author of fiction and pagan ritual, and, amongst other things, she offers Icelandic tours over seas, and focuses her Research and Studio Arts in Norse culture. 
Read More>>

Gypsey/Birna's YouTube>>

See also her modern day Published Works>> 

For More on Birna's Tenure in the SCA, Check out her Accomplishment Recap>>

"Your strength is my strength..."

Proud to have served in Aensteorra,  West, Atlantia, and Trimaris.


Lord Kelwyn Owain
MKA Will Owens

Residing in Trimaris. Mooselodge. Insipient Lord Consort of Harts Haven & Company.


Kelwyn has been an artisan and admin assist in the Society for Creative Anachronism since 2020. In that time he has competed for his Kingdom as a story teller for the Known World Bardic War Challenge, created much in his fields of study (leather, society arts, and scribal), and served much in assistance to Arts and Science Initiatives in Trimaris, in coordination with the KMOAS office, Art Sci Expo, and more. 


Check out what Kelwyn's inspiration dreams up next.
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"Wisdom and wise-crackery are their own reward..."

Proud to have served in Trimaris (FL). 


Klodiya Doemoorich Del’Krowa
MKA Dixie Marie

Residing in Meridies. Mooselodge. Maid-At-Arts to Maestra Ambra Michelli.


A Bard of the SCA and Ren Faire performer for the modern middle ages, Klodiya has spent her dreaming days midst the conceptual highlands of fair and distant Scotland, and has built her performance persona 'gainst the glory of its rolling green landscape and highland hills. Her soprano voice is both powerful and ethereal in its ode to her heart's calling; and to hear it is to be inspired. 

Follow Klodiya in her many artistic endeavors, and lose yourself in the poetry of the moors, love lost, and magic found. 
Read More>>

Klodiya's YouTube>>


"My heart is of Scotland, and none who ken of my soul can deny it..."

Proud to have served in Trimaris (FL) and Meridies (TN).


Honorable Lady Asul bint HilalalMKA Marla Roberson

Residing in Trimaris. Mooselodge. A Lady of Harts Haven & Company & House Web Minister. 

Asul has served for over 30 years in the Kingdoms she has traveled within the Society for Creative Anachronism. 

With retirement came the time to take up new challenges and indulge new inspirations. She is currently studying glass bead-making, embroidery, scribal arts, and more! 

Follow her journey in Art and Administration. Inspiration is a click away!


Curious about Asul? Check out her SCA Accomplishments Recap>>

"Never settle for less than you deserve..."

Proud to have served in Atlantia, and Trimaris.

Affiliates and Honored Colleagues 

Too Cool Not to Share...


HL Ilaria of Atlantia 
MKA Jill Koshiol

Residing in Atlantia. Mooselodge. 

Apprenticed to Mistress Rosalind Jehanne

Ilaria (Elee) is a musician, singer/songwriter with a haunting soprano, and a penchant for poety of love, laments, and the voices of early Troubaritz music. She is most accomplished on the Harp and piano, and both feature prominently in her modern and medieval CDs - both available for review via her YouTube Channel. 

An artisan in the SCA since 2005, check out Ilaria's website...
Read More>>


Jill Koshiol/Elee's YouTube >>

"Be Blessed!"

Proud to have served in Atlantia. 


Lady Asrune Rowen 

MKA Asrune Whitney 

Residing in Atenveldt.  

An artisan in the SCA since 2003, most known for her bardic roving, quick cheer, and nose for where the next fire circle can be found. A singer/songwriter and teacher who's laugh is an inspiration to any bardic band of merry minstrels. 


Check out Asrune's portfolio and lyrical library. Her artistic endeavors are too many to list, but her first passion is music...
Read More>>

Asrune/Whitney's YouTube>>

"Home is where the heart is... and my guitar..."

Proud to have served in Atlantia and Atenveldt.


Jarl Valbrandr Strugr, OC
MKA Nathan Thomas

Residing in Trimaris. Mooselodge.

Valrandr (Nathan Thomas) has been obsessed with metal craft since he took to it. What's more, his mediums also include fabric arts, stained glass, leather work, and more!


An artisan in the SCA since 2010, check out Valbrandr's craft portfolio, highlighting his work in costuming, armoring (metal and leatherwork), and more... 
Read More>>

From Bryce de Byram's "The Lodge" song:

Valbrandr, born on Triskelled shore,

Raised beneath a star of or

(this) Blacksmith forged in storm and war

His mettle for the Lodge!


"Better to fight and fall than to live without hope!"

Proud to have served in Trimaris.


MKA Deena Madonna

Residing in Meridies (TN).  

Photographer, Writer, Singer/Songwriter, Staggmarra is an inspired soul who's hunger for creation is palpable at every meeting. Squired to Duchess Cerric (KSCA), she is a student of medieval martial arts, a gymnastics coach, and has a devotion to the Chivalric tenants of personal courage and justice for all. 

Staggmarra/Deena's YouTube>>

"Be on the look out for my new book Release!" Coming Soon!

"Find a passion that sets you on fire, and let it consume you..."

Proud to have served in Trimaris (FL) and Meridies (TN).

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